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so guys I’m sorry I haven’t really been that active as of late
as bad as it may sound, I just haven’t been that interested in being on here
I dunno, I guess it’s hard to explain
but I may just start running from a queue soon, or I may try to find some blog sitters.
I’ll keep you all posted

so I’m really sorry I haven’t been on much at all recently guys.
I’ve just been really preoccupied with doing gishwes last week and being at otakon last weekend and such

and I don’t know how much more I’ll be on really, cause school is starting in a few weeks and I will literally have like no free time then soooo

yeah I’ll try to be on.


once I was a song
sung by a choir of grace
now I am solitude
of silents embrace [x]
cas spn 


Those photos are scanned by my friend Layla!! x

So I’m at Otakon this weekend!
I’m cosplaying as fem!dean so if any of you are here come find me ^_^

But man the convention life is hard when you have social anxiety. I wanna tell people their cosplays look fantastic but I can’t even talk ugh, I’m too shy

But if you see me come say hi and I’ll talk to you! Haha

5.05 | Fallen Idols

dean spn 
Welcome to the end of the world, Dean.